Friday, October 16, 2009

Im sure every0ne in scho0l are very very very happy cuz exams are finnaly 0ver!!!
But t0 me , when exams are over, then it means the scary m0ment is c0ming so0n becuz i will n0e my result so0n. ><

STUPID no0bie blurblur yeemun p0sted alot of ugly pictures of me in facebo0k , i hate it so much but in the same time i l0ve it so much! ahahahaha~~ paiseh , '' mao dun '' ppl ^^
Yeemun , dun be s0 happy , revenge is COMING SOON , eu will understand my feeling so0n.

Many people ar0und me jatuh sakit lately. Fangyin kena the mosquito wann,fangyin's dad (my kai ye ^^) Gorgor-flu , my aunt n0t sure wad sickness is tat but it's quite seri0us.....
But thank g0d they are getting well so0n. When we are sick , people tat worry us the most is still our family members becuz when my aunt is in the h0spital. Relatives fr0m anywhere os0 come to KL and visits my aunt. I still remember when i was 6 or 7 , i masuk ward cuz of the stupid denggi sick , my mum is s0 worry of me. Eventh0ugh she is busy wif her w0rk she still acc0mpany me in the h0spital.
Im wondering why am0ng my siblings , im the one who everytime ''visits'' the h0spital??!! -.-''


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

H0pe i can still save my bl0g fr0m her death....... -.-

Today is a scho0l day but i din g0 to scho0l cuz i p0nteng scho0l lo... after one week of the stressful exam , n0w i can finnaly rest f0r awhile but EXAMS are n0t over yet . sigh~
OK , st0p talking b0ut exams.

It's already 14 days g0rgor went t0 russia f0r his study. I miss him very much , when can i see him....


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Sweet Memory
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back fr0m NUC , n0t a gud place,heheheh sry sis but i enj0y me time 0ver there maNnn
Cuz i learned al0t of new things and i met th0se imp0rtant ppl.(hehehehhe)
N0w i n0e h0w mr.rain lo0k like ,Gud,fashi0nable , i n0e he will be always there f0r eu. And the m0st imp0rtant thing is i os0 learned h0w t0 play frisbee. Wala0 , frisbee is really....aiy0rr , reli reli reli reli REALLY REALLY really really very fun, eventh0ugh im still a newbie but i just l0ve it, n0w i n0e why my sis luv it so much , my sis really high taste lo!And then at night is study h0ur so my sis n i will g0 to Charlene(sis' fren) ro0m. SONG ARH!
Three days stay 0ver there really , really meant al0t t0 me. hahahaa~
But the fo0d 0ver there really sux. -.-
Tis skul h0liday arrhhh , CHIA HUI SHIN fall in luv wif many things adii . h0hohoho , tw0 only actually, which is :

B) Left 4 Dead(again ,ahahhahahah)

Ben xia0 jie,fangyin,h0ngyee go t0 yingxi's hse 2day like wad we did every h0liday and the FFK Queen -YeeMun os0 g0t go ,hehehehe , she finnaly din FFK , let us giv her a r0und of applause. HEHHEHE~
Yeemun and i are the last 0ne wh0 reach there , and as so0n as we reach there , the first thing we d0 is, EAT! We laugh al0t mann ,We are really very happy t0 see each 0ther , eu n0e it's n0t easy t0 maintain a friendship, we all n0t same skul s0memore bsides CHIA FANG MUN. co0l name ehh...hahaha
Then , we bake co0kies , eventh0ugh th0se co0kies r kinda... weird weird , but i still give 100% t0 it cuz we bake it 2gether! #^.^#
Can eu believe it , we to0k 200++ pics! ^^ i l0ve t0 take pictures. S0 i will wait f0r yingxi t0 upl0ad th0se pics . he!he!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lavender fall in luv wif LEFT 4 DEAD !!!! ^^

10:21 PM

Till then....
Saturday, August 22, 2009

T0day is a very l0vely day , rainy day, my fav0urite. In the same time, t0day is os0 a sad day f0r my darling...But i belive tat wad she d0ne is c0rrect. She made a right decisi0n , it is better than b0th of them keep on struggle, struggle struggle h0rh my darling.
But time is the best medicine!! + im always by y0ur side , if eu wann we can os0 '' br0wn sugar '' (i n0e eu n0e wad i meant) , this p0st is specially f0r eu maNNn , s0 cheer up . TALK T0 me anytime , cuz im the best listener , muahahahhaahha~~
N0 m0re '' n0rth s0uth west '' but we still have ''1,2,3'' ..hahahahhaha~~!
eu wann me belanja eu makan f0r one m0nth like wad i did last year t0 s0meb0dy?? hehe!

Warhh, last night i chatted wif my best best best best fren-JUN MING until this m0rning 2am++ lo...the best pers0n tat i have met besides HER,HER, and 0f cuz HIM. ^^
im n0t washing yr sh0e lar...but if i said tat eu r lengzai then tat means im washing yr sh0e,hahahaha~

Acc0mpany the future lengzai d0ct0r t0 his dunn0 wad briefing. I think my br0 is the m0st lengzai student 0ver there larr , really, true fact.Russia is rely very far fr0m here T.T
G0rgor cann0t celebrate my bathday wif me next year......T.T , but i can get present fr0m Russia! I must bring tw0 pails t0 the airp0rt just in case... terlalu banyak tears during the day when i say byebye t0 my bro.

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im BACK!
Friday, August 21, 2009

warhh....chia hui shin is finnaly back ,hahahahahaha! i haven been c0me online f0r soo0ooo0o l0ng adi , very 0utdate no! Last week was a very busy week f0r me , g0t al0t 0f duties. i l0ve duties verry much! But then if i g0t duty then tat means i have t0 see tat hipp0 face M(square). She is really very ann0ying manNnn.
S0, skul h0lidays start tomol0 , muahahahhaha but after exam then g0t exam adi. -.-
aiy0rr i very ganji0ng tim...dear m0nday , when will eu c0me , i wanna g0 t0 my sis uni.

These few days fangyin g0t s0me pr0blem tat she dunn0 h0w to s0lve , i h0pe tat i can help her , i can 0nly giv her advice but i cant help her d0 anything , h0pe she can s0lve it so0n lo. Her ''tea'' really very useless wann , s0 dissap0inted , but fangyin , i will always supp0rt eu baby! haaha ^^

i speaked different language wif mingy0ng and kheimun 2day , very very fun . I like it when mingy0ng speak hindu language , hahaahha very yeng! okayokay kheimun i will try t0 bl0g evveryday 0kay , i n0e eu r my N0.1 fan-C.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My hands0me da g0rgor is g0ing t0 leave malaysia so0n .....T.T
He is g0ing t0 russia t0 study b0ut medical thing , he is the future d0ctor , im s0 pr0ud of him ,muahahahahha ^^
0nce he left , he has t0 stay in russia f0r few years s0 i can 0nly see him using webcam or s0mething....
i n0e my br0 palinggg sek me wann, kekeke, when i see anything tat i like 0r sumthing tat i wanna eat, i just 0nly nid t0 say '' GORRRR~~~ , buy f0r me larr... harh~~ '' then , ga0 dim!!
Since he is leaving , s0 we wh0le family went t0 sh0pping c0mplex t0 buy anything tat he needs. My br0 t0ld me tat the temperature 0ver there is always very l0w...i cant imagine 0.0

JUst n0w after dinner , ah h0u teach me t0 play left 4 dead , aiy0r , left 4 dead really very scary . Especially when the stupid witch c0me out tat time , g0t a scary s0ng sum0re but i l0ve t0 play it al0t , very challenging! ^^


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